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Digital marketing built for the video age.

We exist to deliver Video Centric Digital Marketing designed to help you conquer the social media era.

IS Ineffective marketing killing
your bottom line?

And leading to...

low roi.png



Your marketing spend has become a cost instead of an investment 

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Stagnant Sales

Revenue seems to have hit a ceiling or (worse) its trending south

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Reduced Profits

You're watching your margins fall to unsustainable levels.

We can help you fix that. In the era of video content, our core services revolve around producing videos that demand attention… but we know your needs don’t stop there. We help you manage your entire marketing funnel from awareness to conversion. Helping you drive measurable and meaningful growth for your business.

We create & Implement video marketing strategies that...


Create Awareness

Stop the scroll with effective video content that your ideal customers actually want to watch


Build Audiences

Turn impressions into fans through engaging content that encourages action.

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Increase Revenue

Watch sales trend up and to the right as audiences grow to understand the value of your product

Brands that have trusted our vision

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We have helped multiple e-commerce companies run effective video marketing campaigns that have contributed measurable growth and better ROI on marketing spend. Increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns while reducing the time you spend on marketing.

What our clients say

"We were introduced to KH Imaging by one of our vendors after struggling for a year working with another marketing company that wasn't able to deliver the results we were looking for. Within two months of working with KH Imaging we were seeing double digit sales increases while spending less on our marketing. We couldn't be happier!"

Helen Ketcham - Founder of OpeToz

"We have had our share of horror stories working with sleazy marketing agencies that over charge and under deliver. Safe to say that working with Kyle and the KH Imaging team has been welcome change. We like to work fast and the turnaround time we get working with KH Imaging is absolutely unmatched and we always feel like they value us as clients."

Marissa Goldstein - Founder of Rafi Nova

IT's as easy as 1,2,3

We are filmmakers, who also know how to use data... it's a powerful combination. 

Step 1

We work with you to define a video first strategy that delivers you the content you need for both your organic and paid distributions on your selected platforms.

Step 2

We produce data driven video content tailored to your niche. Everything from talent procurement, to production and post production is handled by us.

Step 3

We distribute the content directly through your paid and organic channels utilizing industry leading targeting techniques to drive results directly to your bottom line.

video marketing that actually works.

The modern era of marketing requires a video first approach. Current marketing industry practices are failing businesses like yours by charging way too much and focusing too heavily on old-school tactics that are not taking advantage of the power that video based content has in the modern market. We are a video first marketing agency that has both the skills to create premium video content as well as the marketing chops to execute effective distribution across paid and organic channels.


Ready for a complimentary consultation? Submit the form to schedule a 15-minute discovery call to discuss your project and get a free quote for your project!

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